The Effect of Task Based Learning Approach Toward Students’ Writing Skill

Yuhardi Yuhardi, Fosterius Evelyn Restu


The goal of this study was to find out the effect Task Based Learning Approach to students’ writing skills at grade VIII of Junior High School 2 Pasaman, West Sumatra.  The design of this research was true experimental research which involved two groups with post test only design usage. Samples were randomly taken from several classes.  Writing test based on Jacob were administered at the final stage of the experiment.  The research showed that the mean score of experimental class (post test) was 65.17 while the mean score of control class (post-test) was 51.04. From the calculation of post-test scores, t-count 5.331 (df .095), t-table was 5.331. It indicated that t-count was bigger than t-table of significance level 1.671<5.331, suggesting that Task Based Learning Approach improved students’ writing skill. Therefore, it can be concluded that the use of Task Based Learning Approach was effective in developing students’ writing skill. Finally, it is hoped that it can be the beneficial reference for the next investigators in conducting the better research, particularly in the field of writing.

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