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This study was conducted to to see the effects of jigsaw technique in the teaching and learning process of speaking.  Three parallel classes of Undergraduate English students in English Tadris were the subjects of this experiment.  Two classes were determined as samples after a series of normality and homogenity tests.  After several treatments, the two groups were tested.  It was found that the mean score of experimental class was 76.37 (Sd 7.280), higher than the control class (mean 63.37; Sd 12.15). Statistical analysis showed that the tcalculate (5.416) was higher than ttable for 5% (1.990), indicating that Jigsaw technique improved students' speaking skill.. The major improvement was found in pronunciation (E=3.81), and (C=3.156) with differences 0.65, vocabulary (E=3.91), and (C=3.406) with differences 0.504, grammar (E=3.9) and (C=3.438) with differences in 0.462, fluency (E=3.66), and (C=3) with differences 0.66, comprehension (E=3.84), and (C=2.81) with differences 1.03.  Therefore, it can be concluded that Jigsaw Technique improved students’ speaking skill especially in vocabulary and comprehension.

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