The Structure and Function of Oral Poetry Meurukon

Mohammad Harun, Zulfadli Z Aziz, Azrul Rizki, Saifuddin Mahmud, Burhansyah Burhansyah


This study aims to describe the structure and function of the oral poetry meurukon. This research uses a qualitative approach with the ethnographic research type. The source of research data is the text meurukon edited by Rahman (2010), Harun (2012), text and recording of meurukon at the 7th Aceh Culture Event (Huda, 2018). The research data are all sequences relating to the structure and function of meurukon. Data is collected by using the techniques of listening, recording, and reading. The research instrument consisted of handycam, stationery, and the researchers themselves. Data analysis was conducted through the stages: (1) carefully and critically reading meurukon text, (2) sorting data into meurukon structure and function, (3) analyzing data comprehensively, (4) verifying research results, and (5) concluding research results. The results of the study indicate that (1) the meurukon structure includes the opening part consisting of (a) opening greetings and (b) mukaddimah‘preface’; the content section consisting of discussions on religious issues, especially about (a) bismillah, (b) problems with prayer, (c) water problems, and (d) problems of faith (aqeedah); the closing concerning apology and farewell; and (2) the meurukon functions are (a) as a means of religious learning, (b) as a means of entertainment, and (c) as an interactive-dialogical learning model.


meurukon, structure, function, Acehnese oral poetry

10.15548/jt.v1i2.603 Abstract view : 92 times


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